Kids Eat More Than 3,000 Calories on Halloween!



Hat and bookIt’s not even Halloween and my kids are already talking about Christmas. Once you hit October the excitement of the holidays all seems to roll into one. And somehow eating four mini candy bars at Halloween doesn’t equate to eating a regular Snickers bar, right? Same thing goes for eating an entire row of mini Oreos.

Besides the hefty haul of candy from trick-or-treating, my kids usually attend two-to-three community Halloween parties where they come home with even more candy. They sit in the living room counting and trading candy, without the knowledge that it’s all going to be mixed together again in our candy jar. And, a few of those mini Twix bars and Kit Kats will mysteriously disappear overnight.

I typically allow my girls one or two pieces of candy after dinner, but our candy supply still seems to last well into the Spring. I kid you not! No one needs that much candy and temptation hanging around the house. In the past I’d bring it into the office so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it myself. I have no control with mini version of my favorite treats.

According to, kids will consumer over 3,000 calories on Halloween. The average trick or treater consumes about three cups of sugar- equivalent to 220 sugar packets!

That stat makes my stomach hurt – literally. Luckily I was introduced to a fabulous mom, entrepreneur and author, Cara Via. She too couldn’t believe the amount of candy consumed on Halloween and wrote a book to creatively address the issue – “Halloween Holly: Santa’s Helper.”

Cara’s book centers around an elf at the North Pole named Holly.  Holly discovers the elves need candy to keep up their energy in order to make enough toys for Christmas. However, the candy supply in the North Pole starts to run dangerously low.

Holly comes up with the idea to ask kids to save some of their Halloween candy to send to the elves. She even creates a special bowl to collect the candy and Santa gives her the nickname “Halloween Holly.”

Here’s how it works – On Halloween, adults help kids choose 10 pieces of candy to eat over the next few days. The rest is put in Halloween Holly’s special bowl, which she magically brings it back to the North Pole overnight. Genius!

Remember how I mentioned my girls are already talking about Christmas? Well, we’ve now read Halloween Holly approximately 100 times. Ok, perhaps it’s closer to six, but they keep asking me to read it to them and are excited to choose their treats and put candy in the magically bowl. I am also excited we’re starting a new tradition in our household.


It’s not completely selfless as my seven-year-old told me Santa will be so excited that he will probably give her an extra present at Christmas. And my four-year-old is hoping most of her candy goes to Kaia, our Elf on the Shelf. But I still consider it a win-win as the girls get to eat treats and learn about helping others, and I can feel better knowing their tiny bodies won’t be as overloaded with sugar.

Especially for those of you with younger kids, Halloween Holly is a tradition that will last for years. If you’re like Piper, when the magically bowl isn’t in use, it doubles as a cool hat.

Halloween Holly

Piper styling Halloween Holly’s magical bowl as a fancy hat.

The book is available at and it comes with the magical bowl. It’s also available at Sam’s Club. Connect with Halloween Holly on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe and healthy Halloween! Don’t forget, staying healthy is important, but is still doesn’t make handing out raisins for Halloween okay. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Kids Eat More Than 3,000 Calories on Halloween!

  1. Diana Duda

    I remember seeing the book and bowl at your house last year and reading it to the girls. It is truly a delightful book and solution to all of the candy children get at Halloween.


  2. Jill

    Here in Minnesota they do the “Switch Witch.” They choose what they want to keep that night then leave the rest for the switch witch which takes their candy and replaces it with a new toy. 🙂 At my house the candy just disappears into my stomach! Ha! Love the Halloween Holly idea too!


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