Cheers to Being 40 and Fabulous



Today, I enter a brand-new decade of life…my 40’s.  Yowza!  And I don’t usually like to brag, but I got personalized birthday emails from some of my closest friends including Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Ann Taylor and Betty Crocker.

Those emails confirmed my suspicion of a few things.

  1. I sign up for waaaay too many mailing lists, which clog my inbox and sometimes cause me to miss real emails.
  2. I clearly have a shopping problem. Not saying I actually purchase a ton, but I can’t resist the time suck of clicking through to see what’s on sale.
  3. I need to spend some time decluttering and streamlining some things in my life.

A lot of people dread hitting the big 4-0, but not me. I am excited to head into a new decade of life. My 30’s weren’t always easy, but they were filled with things like getting married, bringing two beautiful girls into the world, great friendships, a career I loved and finally becoming comfortable with who I am as an individual. Remember when I took a stand and walked away from my job in corporate America? That was me being bold enough, strong enough and secure enough to stand up for the ethics and morals of who I am.

I intend to spend my 40’s enjoying my family and choosing to do things that make me happy and make a difference in the world.

I’ll admit my 20’s were a pretty selfish time. Honestly, who wasn’t selfish in their 20’s. I look back at photos of myself and remember thinking that I needed to lose weight, change my hair, etc. In retrospect, I looked pretty darn good and was in perfect health, but I never took the time to appreciate how lucky I was. You know what – I had a lot of the same insecurities about my looks into my early 30’s.

As I hit my late 30’s something clicked. It was more important to be happy than to just try to look happy.

Am I carrying about 10 more pounds than I’d like right now? Yep. But newsflash – I no longer deprive myself of drinks with friends or an ice cream cone with my girls. I workout and follow moderation, but I also finally realized how to live in the moment and to appreciate the experience.

This concept goes deeper than vanity. My goal in my 40’s is to stop worrying about things I can’t control and instead focus on how incredibly blessed I am and how I can put my skills to use to help others.

Now please excuse me as I go back to cleaning out my email and enjoying a slice of birthday chocolate cream pie.


2 thoughts on “Cheers to Being 40 and Fabulous

  1. Diana Duda

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful and smart daughter. Your have always been strong and determined and your daddy used to say that you were living the way he wished he had. So proud of you and have always been, EVERY stage of your life ….well did suffer occasionally through your toddler and teens years. LOL


  2. Dawn Sullivan

    Cheers to being 40 & fabulous. May you always be strong and confident, at every age. I wish you happiness & lots of ice cream in this next fun chapter!


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