Treat Yourself Well or No One Else Will


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There are two types of people in this world. Those who like to ignore their birthday and pretend it’s not happening and those who like to wear a birthday crown and have waiters sing to them. I am definitely the latter and absolutely love celebrating birthdays, be it others or my own. The more balloons and singing, the better!

On my 30th birthday, I started my very own birthday tradition. I started buying myself something pretty, usually jewelry, to commemorate the day. It may sound trivial, but it’s important for a number of reason. First, if you don’t treat yourself well no one else every will. As simple as it sounds, this is a lesson that is often hard for many of us learn and act on. At least it has been for me. Secondly, the gift I buy myself doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be purposeful and memorable.

I was on a business trip in NYC on my 30th birthday. My last meeting of the day was over and I found myself wandering in the Diamond District. Of course, that’s where I would unknowingly wander. As I window shopped and stopped into various stores, I drooled over eye-popping oversized diamonds and other sparkly jewels.

Purchasing something in the Diamond District never crossed my mind…that is until I stopped into a tiny store right before I headed back to my hotel.

In that store I saw a gorgeously simple half eternity band with alternating diamonds and sapphires. I tried it on and admired how it looked on my finger and then took it off and then asked to try it on again and then took it back off. The saleswoman, who was about my grandma’s age, started asking me questions about myself. When she found out it was my birthday she clapped her hands and said, “Oh you must buy this ring as a birthday present to yourself.”

I glanced down at the price tage and gulped as it reflected way more than I typically spent on myself.


The woman then cupped both of my hands in hers and said,”I have learned many lessons throughout my life, but one of the most important is that a woman should always treat herself well or no one else every will. You will look at that ring every day and it will remind you that you are worth it!” 

Who knows – she may have seen me as a gullable customer and easy sale, but little did she know that her words would stick with me and I’d one day share them with my own daughters. I bought that ring and after close to 10 years still wear it every single day. And you know what? I am absolutely worth it!

I’m not saying you need to induldge yourself in an expensive piece of jewelry each year on your birthday, but it’s a yearly reminder to always do something nice for yourself.

This year I will hit the big 4-0 and I have already purchased my early celebratory gift. I bought myself a Kendra Scott Elisa Silver Pendant Necklace. It’s simple and elegant, but that’s not the main reason I chose this necklace. Kendra Scott has an incredible philanthopic arm to its business. In 2016 alone, the company gave back over $3.5MM and donated more than 75,000 pieces of jewelry to 3,500 local and national organizations.


That’s what I meant about purchasing a gift with purpose. Talk about a win-win. And if anyone else is looking for birthday gifts to get me, you can never go wrong with Kendra Scott!



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