Pink Eye on Purpose?


I am a sucker for a free makeover. My old roommate used to chuckle every time I’d walk through the door with a face full of sparkly eyeshadow and bronzer. My husband also knows my love of the make-up counter, but he gives me a hard time and is insistent the sales people hate me. Why you ask? Because I am one of those annoying people who lets them paint my face with expensive products, but can’t bring myself to spend the insane prices on the products. I usually purchase something small and then search for lower price alternatives for some of the other products.

This past weekend I had a few hours to myself, so I swung into Ulta where the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills happen to be doing make-overs to introduce its new fall line. Ummm – yes, please! I knew Anastasia was known for eyebrows, but didn’t realize there was an entire make-up line. I was excited until I took a look at the new eye palette the brand was launching. It was full of rust colors and pinks. Now I’m a big fan of pink on my lips, cheeks and nails, but the thought of putting it on my eyelids makes me cringe.

My make-up artist started chit chatting with me and I think she could tell I was hesitant about the colors, so she asked me, “which color scares you the most?” I pointed to a deep  magenta color in the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette. All I could picture was bad 80’s make-up.

“Great,” she said. “That’s the one we’re going to use!”

I tried to stay calm as she explained to me how she was layering the various pink shades and blending them to create a soft look. She let me look after she did the first eye and I shockingly it wasn’t awful. She did the second eye, swept on some bronzer and a coat of metallic rose lip gloss.


How about that pink power girl duck face!

I had to admit, the pink was doable, but definitely wouldn’t be my first choice and was for sure out of my comfort zone. The palette rang in at a hefty $42, which is a little too much for something I might wear once in a blue moon. However, I did find NYX Professional Makeup Hot Single in Pink Lady for an extremely reasonable $4.49! For that price, I could justify buying a pink to play around with on occassion.

In case you were wondering, I did take the palette from the make-up artist and carried it around in my Ulta tote while I did the rest of my shopping. I had absolutely no intention of buying it, but felt bad having the make-up artist do my make-up and then walking away empty handed. When I went to pay, I discretely handed the saleswoman the palette and said I had changed my mind. I am sure she had encountered my type before. But hey, I did buy the lip gloss for $16. A girl has to treat herself once in a while and one can never have too many lip glosses.




3 thoughts on “Pink Eye on Purpose?

  1. Diana Duda

    When I was young and living in NYC I LOVED Mary Quant make up. They were among the first to introduce make up crayons in a metal crayon type box. The colors were gardish – bright yellow, orange, etc., but I couldn’t resist them. Tried time after time to wear them but never could, except for Halloween time. Companies try to hook us on weird colors and sometimes the colors work and more than often – they don’t and we go back to what looks relatively “normal”. LOL

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  2. I am very much a drugstore/cheap dupe kind of girl. I don’t see the point in buying a whole palette for one shade or purely because it has high name value! I personally really love the BYS Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks even though they don’t last too long once you drink or eat. For $7 I don’t mind reapplying 🙂 🙂

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